Stylist cutting a woman's hair in a salonWhen you walk into the hair salon, you have an expectation of how fantastic you’ll look when you leave. The picture in your head is fabulous, but sometimes, turning that picture in your head into reality is harder that it seems – especially if you have what feels like “problem” hair. For example, people with naturally curly hair or thin hair tend to have more horror stories about leaving the salon in tears, but it can happen to anyone!

At Trillium A Complete Salon & Day Spa in Petoskey, we pride ourselves in providing sanctuary to our guests. We understand what you already know: that no woman should ever leave the salon in tears. With that in mind, we’ve assembled these tips for making the most of your salon experience with us.

1. Communicate openly

Trillium offers free hair consultations, which give you the opportunity to explain what you’d like to have done and receive an evaluation before the scissors ever touch your locks! This is the perfect opportunity to ensure that you’re comfortable with the stylist and comfortable with her knowledge and expertise. If you don’t like what you hear, you can walk away! We’re confident in all of our talented stylists, and we want you to be confident, too.

Some guests seem to worry that we’ll think your questions are “stupid.” This could not be further from the truth. As owner Lisa Louisignau says, “NO question is stupid. [We] will take time to talk about your needs.” So don’t be afraid to communicate with us. It’s the most important secret to getting a great haircut, style, or color.

2. Show us a picture

Magazines and websites show an endless offering of styles, so we encourage you to bring examples for us to see. The visual input really helps us get a feel for what you’re looking for. But at the same time, try not to get “stuck” on the style in that photo, either. The looks you see in magazines and photo shoots often involve hours of professional styling that ultimately make the cut itself look different. Things like face shape and hair texture will also factor into how the style will look on you.

With this in mind, we can help you achieve a look that is inspired by the photos you show us but still perfectly tailored to look fabulous on you – and doable at home without hiring a personal stylist who hangs out in your bathroom every day. A great haircut really is a collaborative effort!

3. Research

Remember that complimentary hair consultation mentioned earlier? It’s part of the research that is critical to finding the right salon and the right stylist for you. When you come to Trillium for your no-obligation consultation, you’ll be able to take in the salon experience to make sure it’s a good fit for you. You can talk to other guests to see who they recommend. Don’t forget to check online reviews, and remember to write online reviews, too, based on your experiences!

Ready to get started? Call Trillium at (231) 439-0051 to schedule your complimentary hair consultation today. Our Guest Services team is standing by!