Water in wooden bowl to represent hydrotherapy; flower and bamboo sticks for decorationTrillium A Complete Salon & Day Spa is pleased to announce that we, along with our naturopath, Marge Marker, are teaming up with Yoga Roots and Naturopath Michelle Chenard for a Hydrotherapy Workshop Saturday, April 26, at 3:00pm!

The benefits of Hydrotherapy include: assisting in detoxification, loosening tight muscles, hydrating the cells, improving skin and muscle tone, and boosting the immune system. By adding appropriate essential oils, this treatment brings relief and healing to the entire body. We will be demonstrating a common treatment called Contrast Hydrotherapy, which expands the blood vessels, filling them with blood and then constricting them, forcing the blood to move to other parts of the body.

The use of water as a treatment for pain and other various health issues has been practiced for thousands of years dating back to the fourth century B.C. when it was first used by Hippocrates. Hydrotherapy is a healing tradition used by nearly every civilization from ancient Greece and Egypt to Rome, where virtually all medicine was practiced in public baths.

A discussion will follow the demonstration and history of Hydrotherapy. Naturopaths Michelle and Marge will answer questions and discuss other services provided by the Wellness Department at Trillium A Complete Salon, LLC.

Preregistration: $20.00
At the Door: $25.00

To register, go to the Facebook event and click Find Tickets. Then click the Workshops tab, and navigate to the week of April 26th.