tulips-squareWe are pleased to announce some exciting news about Trillium!

Our founder, Ruthi Hanna, has officially moved on from Trillium to focus on her new business, Nerium AD. We will miss her very much, and we are excited for her in this new adventure. We wish you all the best, Ruthi!

Co-owners Lisa Louisignau and Marge Marker have both been with Trillium for some time, so the transition has been seamless.

Lisa worked for the Cheboygan school system for 15 years before embarking on a career change in cosmetology. She attended the Up North School of Cosmetology and joined Trillium immediately after graduation. She has trained extensively in both Aveda color and Aveda cutting. Lisa came on board as co-owner the first of this year.

Marge joined Trillium as co-owner on January 1, 2012. She started her career as a Managerial Accountant, and she holds a Bachelor of Science in both Accounting and Business Administration, with nearly two decades of experience in Business and Finance. Marge also has sixteen years of experience in the beauty industry and just completed her Doctorate of Naturophathy. She is a Certified National Health Professional.

We’d also like to introduce the management team supporting our owners:

Jennifer Case – Guest Services Manager
Brenda Heller – Day Spa Manager
Melissa Weinberg – Guest Services Manager
Christine Wilson – Salon Educator/Master Stylist

Our owners, management team, and stylists will continue in our commitment to offer the highest quality of service to our guests and our community. Thank you for your continued support.